Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Flood Heroes provides expert smoke and fire damage cleanup and restoration in Salt Lake City and throughout northern Utah.

The damage that happens in a house fire goes beyond the loss of your possessions. The aftermath can result in great emotional and mental distress for you and your family. Beyond the damage caused by the fire itself, smoke and soot damage can occur throughout the rest of the house.

If you have experienced a fire in your home, our team can help. We restore your home to its pre-fire condition, helping restore a sense of peace and normality to your life.

Utah Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration

After a fire, you must act as quickly as possible to mitigate smoke damage. Quick action allows us to restore as much as possible. If you delay the process, your losses could be much more substantial.

Smoke permeates deeply into your walls, flooring and other surfaces. We perform extensive structural cleaning and deodorization using advanced techniques, technology and equipment. Dehumidification may also be necessary, if water was used to extinguish the fire.

The Flood Heroes team will move quickly to assess your damage and begin the remediation process. We identify any portions of the structure that cannot be restored, and facilitate any structural repairs that may be necessary.

Smoke Damage Remediation

Even if a fire doesn’t cause extensive damage, the resulting smoke damage can make your home unlivable. Soft surfaces such as couches, lampshades, chairs and other upholstered surfaces absorb smoke and soot, and can be extremely difficult to clean. Metal surfaces or accents can quickly become corroded, and wood finishes can degrade.

Professional smoke damage removal contractors may remove furniture from your home and take it to their own facility for cleaning, using ozone or other aggressive technologies to remove chemical residue and odors that would otherwise not be possible to mitigate.

Never try cleaning up smoke damage yourself, as toxic chemicals are frequently present in soot and smoke residue. Chemical solvents sold for DIY smoke removal can themselves be flammable, emit toxic fumes and ruin your furniture. You also run the risk of trapping odors and residue in your furniture, which can never be undone.

Instead, contact Flood Heroes and let us handle these dirty – and potentially dangerous — tasks for you.

Smoke Damage Cleanup for Home Electronics

Smoke and soot residue from a house fire contain corrosive chemicals that can infiltrate and react with your valuable electronics devices, causing them to fail. The water or chemicals used to put out a structure fire can also cause significant damage.

An expert in electronics smoke and fire damage mitigation will have the best chance of restoring our components. The success rate of restoring electronic equipment after a fire is much better than you might imagine, but only if we can get to work immediately. If you have components that store data (computers) or that have memory (DVRs, game consoles, etc.), it becomes even more critical to work with an experienced electronic restoration service, in order to preserve your precious data.

As soon as possible after a fire, contact restoration experts at Flood Heroes. We have extensive experience in cleaning smoke-damaged furniture and electronics. We offer emergency service for customers throughout the Salt Lake City area and northern Utah. Our experienced technicians use advanced equipment and techniques to clean and restore your home and possessions. Contact us today for help with any Utah fire and smoke damage cleanup you may need.

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