Flood Damage Cleanup

When flooding occurs in your Utah home, flood damage cleanup must begin as quickly as possible.

The sooner the experts at Flood Heroes can begin the cleanup process, the better our chances will be of minimizing your home’s damage. Quick action can also help reduce the amount of costly restoration services that you might require.

Our team of remediation and restoration experts provide emergency response for customers in the Salt Lake City area and throughout northern Utah.

Types of Flood Damage

Flood damage restoration contractors categorize the severity of residential flooding based upon the source of the water:

Category 1 Flooding

This damage occurs when you experience a leak in a water pipe, or a sink or tub overflows. You could also experience a category 1 event if your water heater supply line breaks. Because the water is clean, it poses a lesser threat for contamination.

Category 2 Flooding

This refers to damage from gray water, such as runoff from sinks, tubs, showers and washing machines. Category 2 water damages poses a moderate risk for contamination.

Category 3 Flooding

This damage occurs from so-called black water, which includes any water from an outside source, sewer backflow and any other source that may carry contaminants. Category 3 events pose a high risk of contamination.

Our approach to clean up and remediation depends in part on the flooding category. For example, we can typically restore carpet and other soft surfaces damaged by clean water – as long as we can get started within the first 24 to 48 hours.

Beyond that time, or if the risk of contamination is high, we must apply the appropriate water damage restoration procedures.

Salt Lake City’s Flood Damage Cleanup Experts

We respond quickly when disaster strikes. We come prepared with all the equipment and supplies we need to get right to work.

Typically, this involves extraction of any remaining water, using industrial blowers and fans to speed up the drying process and placing dehumidifiers eliminate any residual moisture.

Once we have completed remediation, we evaluate the residual damage and identify what will be necessary to restore your home to its pre-flooding condition. We prepare a detailed estimate for your insurance company and assist you with whatever you need during the claims process.

Although you might be tempted to try cleaning up the damage yourself, this isn’t a good idea. In fact, it could result in the development of harmful mold in unseen locations. Mold can cause a variety of health threats to you and your family and, ultimately, could require costly mold removal and remediation.

Flood Heroes offers full-service disaster restoration and remediation. For emergency Utah flood damage cleanup, contact us now.

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