Sewage Cleanup

When you need emergency sewage cleanup in Salt Lake City, call on Flood Heroes.

Sewer backup and other black water flooding poses a substantial health hazard to anyone who is exposed. These incidents also pose many substantial challenges for remediation, clean up and restoration.

Due to the serious nature of these types of disasters, a do-it-yourself approach to sewage removal and cleanup is not possible. If you are in the Salt Lake City area, call our expert team. We are standing by to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Danger of Sewage Damage

In Salt Lake City, most black water related incidents involve sewer clogs and backups. However, flooding that occurs due to heavy rains and other weather events also present a serious health and safety hazard.

Any black water contains potentially deadly microorganisms and contaminants, including harmful chemicals and is considered a biohazard.

Unless the damage is professionally addressed, contaminants can remain trapped behind walls and on surfaces. At best, your home will smell insufferably. At worst, you and your family could become seriously ill. Meanwhile, the work required to restore you home becomes substantially more extensive – and expensive.

What to Do After a Sewer or Flooding Issue

If you have experienced damage from your sewer system or flooding due to rising waters, avoid contact with the water if possible. If you must walk thorough black water, find a way to bathe or shower and dispose of your clothing immediately.

It is not safe to remain in your home, even if the sewage did not affect the entire structure. Cross-contamination poses a threat to your health and the building must be professional sealed off and remediated.

Contact Flood Heroes as soon as possible. Our quick response teams can be there in no time and start the remediation and cleanup process. Once we have neutralized the threat of contaminants, we can evaluate the restoration necessary to get your home back to its pre-flood condition.

Northern Utah’s Sewage Damage Cleanup Experts

Cleaning up after a black water incident requires highly specialized safety equipment and cleaning processes.

Flood Heroes uses EPA-approved products and processes to ensure the proper disinfection and sanitization of your home. We also have specialized equipment that helps us ensure all smells and odors are banished.

Once we have completed the cleanup process, we will evaluate the damage and provide a comprehensive estimate for restoration. We can even work with your homeowner insurance company to ensure they have the information necessary to approve and process your claim.

You don’t have to face this unthinkable situation on your own. If you have experienced a fire, flood or black water incident at your home or business, contact Flood Heroes today for help. We offer emergency sewage damage cleanup in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

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