Water damage restoration service from Flood Heroes helps you get your home and your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Restoration refers to the process that takes place after damage remediation and cleanup have occurred. Whether you will need extensive restoration depends on the nature and severity of the damage.

We understand exactly how stressful the aftermath of a disaster can be. We strive to assist our customers in any way possible, to ease the worry and disruption you face. We assist customers throughout the Salt Lake City metro area and along the Wasatch Front.

The Importance of Emergency Water Damage Remediation

The sooner you get started on damage cleanup, the easier the restoration process will be. If we can begin work right away, we can get your home or business dried out quickly, minimizing the risk of deadly mold and contaminant growth.

We clean and restore everything we can, from floor coverings and furniture to appliances and electronics. However, if any structural damage exists, or if any finishes or furnishing cannot be saved, a restoration project is likely in your future.

Fortunately, our team of experts can assist you with every facet of your project. This saves time and cost and reduces the hassle you must endure.

Is Water Damage Restoration Covered by Insurance?

In almost all cases, homeowner insurance policies do cover the cost of flood and water damage cleanup, with a couple of caveats. The damage must be sudden and accidental. If the source of the water was a storm or an outside source, you might not be covered, however.

Your insurance company might also refuse to pay if the incident occurred due to negligence or poor maintenance practices. In other words, if you should have foreseen and taken steps to prevent the damage, your insurance company might refuse your claim.

Although insurance companies will almost always cover flood remediation, some balk at paying the full cost of water damage restoration and reconstruction. Flood Heroes can assist you with your insurance claim by providing a detailed restoration estimate. We can also meet with the adjustor to answer any specific questions about the work and demonstrate the extent of the damage.

Water Damage Restoration inSalt Lake City

We are a full service disaster remediation and restoration contractor, licensed and insured to provide the peace of mind you need after a flood.

Whether you want to take this opportunity to make a few changes or upgrades, or if you want your property restored to the condition it was in before the flooding, we will provide the highest quality workmanship available today. We are known for our responsive service, quick turnaround and reasonable pricing.

When disaster strikes, you need an expert on your side, helping get your home or business restored and getting your life back on track. Contact us immediately if you need help with Utah water damage restoration.

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